Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014 -- First Week In Bolivia

Bolivia is sooooo crazy.  I am having so much fun here.  I've had success already in the form of a baptism.  And I'm teaching at least five lesson a day.  Time is going by pretty fast here.  I met my Trainer, Elder Guterrez.  He is from Bolivia and has been serving in the mission for 13 months.  He is the coolest guy and I'm happy he is my trainer.  

Teaching in Spanish is interesting because I can't exactly speak Spanish yet.  But I'm trying really hard and I know that is what the Lord expects of me.  Here's a sneak peak of Bolivia for those with good imaginations.  

Dirt roads, stray dogs, wild horses, trash in the streets, dead things, chickens, crazy cars and buses.  And to top it all off -- Crazy Drunk People.  I was told to stay away from the Burrachos.  That is what they call drunk people.

One week is over, like 90 something more to go.

Hasta Luegos Amigos
Elder Tracy

 I met my Trainer, Elder Guterrez.  He is from Bene, Bolivia and has been serving in the mission for 13 months.  He is the coolest guy and I'm happy he is my trainer.  

I had my first Baptism yesterday, 9/14/14. It was for a 8 year old I taught one lesson.    Her name Maria Celeste Quintana Mendoza. It was the coolest experience ever. I even said the Baptismal prayer in Spanish. How neat is that!

 This is the  apartment where I live.  I am serving in Santa Cruz, Bolivia in the Quince de Septiembre Area.  We only eat lunch here.  A member of the Church cooks for us everyday. We have someone who does our laundry also.

 Another shot of where I am living.

This is my bed.

Another email Jon sent this week to other Missionaries and family members.

Hey everyone! Week one was SOOOOO MUUUUUCHHH FUUUUUNNNN. 

Pero, Yo Quiero hablar sobre nuestros acciónes al misoneros.
Tenemos la oportunidad grande a compatir el Evangelio con todas las personas
! Nuestro proposito es muy gran en los ojos de nuestro Padre Celestial
I´ve been walking, talking with members and non members alike, and I'm studying the scriptures. Life couldn´t be better.
Bolivia is the craziest place I have ever seen in my life. Never seen a Horse and Buggy and Car on the same road before. And I have never seen so many stray dogs and horses. I was contacting and a horse almost kicked me. And there are so many burrachos, or drunk people. I almost got into a fight with a drunk lady. But then she dropped a bag of coke on her foot. So I was good.
See you all next week.
Elder Tracy


They Call me Crazy Tracy in my ward Quince de Septiembre.

And the email message I (his mom) received today, 9/15/14.

Bolivia is the craziest.  You would hate it here Mom.  Wild dogs in the street.  Garbage everywhere and dead things.  I am doing fine Mom.  But for real.  You don't want to come to Bolivia.  It is pretty spooky.  They have wild horses and chickens down here.  You would cry.  I miss you a lot Mom.  I appreciate all you have done for me over the last eighteen years.  You don't know how much I love you.  Bye Mom.  I'm getting off the computer now.  Love you, Jon.

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  1. Great descriptions and photos, Jonathan. You are correct that your mother would freak out in those conditions. Best wishes and God bless you on your mission. Love, Great Aunt Edith