Monday, February 15, 2016


Well Family. These past two weeks have been a real blessing. We were stuck in the house for over three days because of the Bolivian/Brazilian Tradition of Carnaval. 

So we were stuck in the house for like three days. From Sunday to Wednesday it was full study time. The Book of Mormon is the BEST pass time in the whole world!
We have been having a lot of success here in the ward. The Lord blessed me for my birthday yesterday with TWELVE INVESTIGATORS at Sacrament meeting. The Hurtado Family (4 people), The Eguez Family( 3 peopl), Maria Pedraza, Adrinna Rivero, Ariel Montero, Julio Vaca and Isaura Aguirre.  It was the most spiritual meeting in the whole church.  And it helps that I "play" the piano to make sure that the Hymns are sung well!

We had a training meeting with all the Ward Council.  And I trained them on using the 12 Steps to the Temple Program.  I felt the Spirit and My Companion and I trained and inspired the members to want to get the work done. Then they brought me a cake, and my companion "baptized" my head into it.  The Pictures will show you!

Scripture of the Week:
Moroni 10: 7-8

And ye may know that he is, by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore I would exhort you that ye deny not the power of God; for he worketh by power, according to the faith of the children of men, the same today and tomorrow, and forever.

And again, I exhort you, my brethren, that ye deny not the gifts of God, for they are many; and they come from the same God.  And there are different ways that these gifts are administered; but it is the same God who worketh all in all; and they are given by the manifestations of the Spirit of God unto men, to profit them.

1. Companion Shenanigans. Teeter totter style

2. Being "baptized" its a thing that for a persons birthday. The get a face full of cake. They tell you to bite the cake, and when you bite it. They get ya

3. Present from some members!

4. Second Baptism in Ward Counsel

5. Happy Burthday to me!

Elder Jonathan Thomas Tracy
   MisiĆ³n Santa Cruz Bolivia

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