Monday, February 22, 2016


Well Friends and Family.

We just had a slow week. We had two brethren that have been going with us to do visits. But that's about it. And we have some fun pictures here.
Maria Pedraza is going to be baptized this week.  She asked me to baptize her. So we are going to make sure that everything goes well. I am happy that another daughter of God is going to recieve the remission of her sins.  And the fact that I have the chance to use my priesthood again.
My companion and I are taking some time to get to know the area.  We are becoming walking maps to anyone that sees us.  If anyone has a question in the street: Talk to The Missionaries.  Are you lost: Missionaries. It is perfect!

Scripture of the Week: 
Mormon 7:7

And he hath brought to pass the redemption of the world, whereby he that is found guiltless before him at the judgment day hath it given unto him to dwell in the presence of God in his kingdom, to sing ceaseless praises with the choirs above, unto the Father, and unto the Son, and unto the Holy Ghost, which are one God, in a state of happiness which hath no end. 

1. Taking the Bolivian Backroad!

2. Elder Gil and I 

3. Elder Gil in the Rich part of our area

4. Studying today

Elder Jonathan Thomas Tracy
   MisiĆ³n Santa Cruz Bolivia

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