Friday, August 22, 2014

August 21, 2014

I've been going to Choir every Tuesday and Sunday. But the bad part is they only have enough spots for 150 people from West Campus. So every Hermana gets in, leaving the Elders to their own devices. I didn't make choir this week because I was number 151 out of 150. But i saw my opportunity to sit in the Very Front Row for the Devotional that night. The devotional was given by President Bonnie Oscarson of the General Young Women's Presidency. She spoke about how Missionary work doesn't have to be serious all the time, and that it can be fun. But we also need o now where to draw the line on how far we take it.

The MTC experience is going by so fast. A day feels like a week, but a week feels like a day. I learn more Spanish as every single day passes, and i see the Blessings Heavenly Father has given me with each passing Day. I've realized how lucky I am being born into a LDS Family. I also know that i have the obligation to give to those who don't have it. Hymn #219 "Because I have been Given Much" talks about this a lot. Verse 2 says "Because I have been Sheltered, Fed by thy good care. I cannot see another's lack and I not share. My glowing Fire, my loaf of Bread, my roof's safe Shelter overhead. That he to may be comforted". This is one of my favorite Hymns because it shows us the 2 types of people: Those who give because they know its what Heavenly Father wants, and those that have so much, They're blinded by their many things and can't help another. We must try to be the Members that share everything we have. Because we have been given much. D&C 82:3 reads : 3 For of him unto whom much is given much is required; and he who sins against the greater light shall receive the greater condemnation.
Send me more letters. I like hearing from you all. Love you and see you next week.

Elder Tracy

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