Monday, February 2, 2015


Elder Tracy in Bermejo, Bolivia -- January 2015  -- "This is what half of my area looks like."

Hola Queridos Amigos!

This week was SOOOOOO good. 

We baptized Ever Cardinas, the guy who had been looking for the Church for four years.

Elder Tracy, Hermano Ever Cardinas, Elder Castro -- at Hermano Cardinas' Baptism.

Baptismal Water Looks Green In Bolivia

But right now, we´re kind of stuck. Usually, the members give us "Referencias" or people who we should go visit.  But we haven't gotten any.  And when we do street contacting, everyone says one of these two things:

1: No tengo tiempo ahora!  (I don't have time right now.) 

2: No conozco a nadie!  (I don't know anyone). 

So we are running out of investigators.  We just keep baptizing like mad.  But we are running out of people to teach.  But we are trying and I'm seeing the blessings.  The Lord is proud of all his missionaries.
Elder Castro and Elder Tracy today - 2/02/15 -- Preparation Day


Scripture of the Week: 
Moroni 8:3

I am mindful of you always in my prayers, continually praying unto God the Father in the name of his Holy Child, Jesus, that he, through his infinite goodness and grace, will keep you through the endurance of faith on his name to the end.

You all are in my prayers,  and I hope I can be part of yours!
√Člder Jonathan Tracy
Mision Bolivia Santa Cruz
2014 - 2016

City picture of Bermejo, Bolivia -- "The city area of my area."

Picture Taken From Inside An Investigator's House In Bermejo, Bolivia.


MOM:  Tell me about Bermejo.

JON:  Half of my area is a city, and the other half is Jungle.

MOM:  Do you have someone to do your laundry like you did in Santa Cruz?

JON:    I do my own laundry in the washing machine and sink in the home where I live.

MOM:  Looking at the pictures that you sent today --  Are there shops on the first floor and apartments on the second floor.  

JON:  Yea. I live in the Shopping area of Bermejo, I call it the Market District. So we go through the Markets every day

MOM:  Do you cook your own food?  How far to the Church Building?

JON:  It takes me like 7 minutes to walk to church. We have a pensionista, a cooker lady.
MOM:  What type of weather can you expect in the next seasonal change?

JON:  They told me it starts getting super cold around April to August.  I'm going to be here at least until May. So I'm going to be getting some Alpaca wool Sweaters lol

 MOM:  Do you like the food?

JON:  I like the food. I'm starting to eat more Argentinian food. 

MOM:  What temperature do they consider super cold?

JON:  Really cold is like 15 degrees, I'm thinking. And it's the Humid cold.  But it is like 90 everyday here right now. 50 percent humidity. Mmmm Hot

MOM:  How are your shoes holding up?

JON:  The soles of the memory foam shoes are starting to rip out. The big Danskos are still going strong. And I have my little church shoes. I can get new ones for cheap if I need to. Shoes go for like 60 bolivianos. Thats 8-9 Dollars

MOM:  How are you feeling? and what are you going to be doing later on Preparation Day?

JON:  I've lost 5 kilos in a week. And I'm playing some volleyball or soccer.

I love you Mom. 

PS from MOM:  He looks happy and healthy in the pictures!  So glad!

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