Monday, March 16, 2015

It Is SO HOT Here!

Hello my friends!

Elder Tracy here with my weekly update from Bolivia. 

Here in Bermejo, Bolivia, it is getting pretty hot.  It is like 35 degrees Celsius everyday (95 degrees F).   So I'm sweating, but I'm gaining weight. I'm at a good 85 kilograms, or 185-190 pounds.  And I'm growing more.  I'm a good 6 foot 2 inches right now.

We have been finding more people to teach, one person named Veronica.  She is a daughter of a recent convert, and she is really receptive.  She doesn't say very much, but she says enough.

Funny story:  I left the door open today to the house, and a stray dog got into the house.  So I had to grab my broom and a bucket, and I fought a dog as it pooped all over the House. I got mad, and Hermana Lidia helped us clean it all up. (It is Hermana Lidia's house where we are living.)

There is a chance that my area, Bermejo, might become part of the Mission Cochabamba. SO we might see something cool and I might go and chill with some Cochabambinos. 

Scripture of the Week:
LUKE 22:32

But I have prayed for thee, that they faith fail not:  and when thou art converted strengthen thy brethren.

Looks like Dad won this week Emily.  I like this Scripture.  Be converted, and convert others.

Have Fun This Week.


Snippets from our emails today!

JON:  Hey Mom.  week was good. We have been finding new people to teach. and we have been doing everything well.  My Spanish is getting better and I'm feeling good. 'Im weighing about 190 pounds right now. So I'm a big kid. I've filled out nicely.  lol

MOM:  When is the next transfer date?  Do you think that you are going to be sent somewhere else?

JON:  The next Transfers are the 7th of April: I might leave if president wants me to stay in the Santa Cruz Mission

MOM:  Which do you want to do?  You want to stay in the Santa Cruz Mission or go to the Cochabamaba Mission?

JON:  I don't know. I want to stay in the Mission where I was called, but going to Cochabamba would be so cool.

MOM:  How is the family you are staying with?

JON:  They are awesome. The treat me like their own kid. And Hermana Lidia takes care of me

MOM:  Anything else exciting coming up?  Any zone activities. 

JON:  We have an activity today. Don't know what it is, but we are doing something.

MOM:  How many other elders in the zone? 

JON:  We are 10 Elders, 3 Gringos, 2 from La Paz, 2 Argentinos, and a Brazilian, and a Ecuadorian and a Peruvian.  The Comp isnt letting me send Pictures

DAD:  This is Dad!   Hi Jon!  Emily and I are having a contest to see who can influence your scripture of the week choice more often.

JON:  Thanks Dad. I miss you. And I'm trying to get a you a hand carved Bolivian Chess Set. It looks cool and its like 10 Dollars

JON:  I have been praying for you all! I love you Mom.  I have to go. I'm sorry for the bad technology here in Bolivia. I'll try to get more pics for next week. 

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